Whole Grain Oat


Oats may help lower blood sugar levels, especially in people who are overweight or have type 2 diabetes

They may also improve insulin sensitivity

These effects are mainly attributed to beta-glucan’s ability to form a thick gel that delays emptying of the stomach and absorption of glucose into the blood

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100% whole grain oats support a heart-healthy lifestyle with beta-glucan, soluble fiber helps reduce total and LDL cholesterol as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol. This oat also provides lasting energy to help get you going.

  • Oats Are Incredibly Nutritious. …
  • Whole Oats Are Rich in Antioxidants, Including Avenanthramides. …
  • Oats Contain a Powerful Soluble Fiber Called Beta-Glucan.
  • They Can Lower Cholesterol Levels and Protect LDL Cholesterol From Damage. …
  • Oats Can Improve Blood Sugar Control. …
  • Oatmeal Is Very Filling and May Help You Lose Weight.


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